NEWS 2017

Brocade Tour 2017

Wednesday 8th March as part of Nottdance

Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April as part of Dance International Glasgow at Tramway

More dates to follow

Founded in 2012 and led by Roberta Jean, MYSTERYSKIN celebrates liveness; likens the dancing body to sculpture; and frames the presence of the performer. Exploring a progressive physical language located in the visceral, the charged and the uncharged body, MYSTERYSKIN produces contemporary dances and kinaesthetic works for diverse contexts that incorporate musical and sound design elements as well as sculptural forms.

Roberta’s parents practiced dance professionally and she grew up watching performances and the process of making choreography. It wasn’t however until she experienced Meg Stuart and Ann Hamilton’s collaboration ‘Appetite’, that she decided to intensively pursue her own pathway into dance and performance.

She trained in Contemporary Dance and Ballet at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and specialised in choreography, she then went on to complete an MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths College, London. Roberta has been a resident artist in London (Shunt, Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Chisenhale Dance Space, Greenwich Dance Agency and Battersea Arts Centre as part of THE INDEPENDENTS), Cardiff (Welsh Independent Dance), Marseille (as part of COLINA), Nottingham (Dance4), Totnes (Dartington Hall) and Vienna (DanceWeb in-conjunction with ImPulsTanz). She is also one of the founding curators of Chisenhale Art Club as featured in Time Outs Best of 2010.


A physicality was found through probing the corporeal patterns in our life spans, Road Postures is an abstraction on the way we negotiate, traverse and shape the space around us. The work frames two bodies that are both charged and uncharged successively and at once.

Stephanie McMann and Roberta Jean perform, they get up and get down and get up and get down again. They fly and lay and hover in-between. The physical actions they repeat become echoes.

Research for Road Postures was initially supported by Chisenhale Dance Space and The London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The commission involved research and observations of the local community, focusing on the contrasting ways in which people present themselves day-to-day and the way people manoeuvre their bodies through public spaces.

Directed by Roberta Jean
Made with support from Dance4, Chisenhale Dance Space, Dartington and Arts Council England.
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As the dancer loses himself in the dance, as he becomes absorbed in the unified community, he reaches a state of elation.” Radcliffe Brown - Social Anthropologist.

Made up of a set of dances and togetherness actions, Group Hug is both a celebration and dismantling of the communal. This promenade performance features five contemporary dance artists, they navigate themselves through a maze of frenzies, climaxes, come-downs and cathartic experiences. Performed in old dance halls, galleries and spaces where communities gather.

Directed by Roberta Jean. Performed by Amber Emily Zamani-Esskeli, Dwayne-Antony Simms, Jacob Ingram-Dodd, Tina Murtagh and Airen Koopmans Costumes made by Maureen Gallagher. Music by Blues Control and DJ MC. Made with support from Arts Council England, Dance4, Gateway Studio Project, Greenwich Dance and Eldon Leisure.
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